Live from Siggraph 2018, we answer your questions about the new tools and features in Cinema 4D R20.

Are you diving into all the new features of Cinema 4D R20, but have some questions? We took your questions live during a Cinema 4D R20 demo at Siggraphs 2018.

In addition to our presentation, we’ve also included many of the scene files we showed and created during the show. Be sure to grab those below so you can break down our project settings and learn more about all the new R20 features. 

Free Cinema 4D R20 Scene Files

Get the free scene files shown in our presentation by clicking the button below.


Nick Campbell, Chad Ashley, and Chris Schmidt of Greyscalegorilla start by showing you how to smooth OpenVDB Volume Meshes, then show how to create chiseled type using Volumes and Fields. They’ll demonstrate the new gradient control in R20 and the Bake As Alembic Command. They talk about some of the advantages of VDB modeling and show how to mesh shaders and noises using the Volume Builder. Finally, you’ll see how Fields can be used to create Vertex Maps and texture elements based on proximity, and how Fields work in MoGraph effectors. – Cineversity

Enjoy the presentation, and thanks so much to MAXON for hosting us, and to Cineversity for the recording.

Let’s get started.

Here’s a timestamped breakdown courtesy of Cineversity:

  • 02:40 – VDB Meshing and Smoothing
  • 08:39 – Chiseled Type using OpenVDB Volumes and Fields
  • 16:40 – Cinematic Titles in the Viewport
  • 19:12 – R20 Gradient
  • 23:19 – Bake As Alembic
  • 26:04 – Polygon vs VDB Modeling
  • 27:00 – Meshing Shaders with OpenVDB Volume Builder
  • 33:16 –  Texturing VDBs
  • 35:10 –  Fields with Vertex Maps
  • 43:52 –  Fields in MoGraph

At Siggraph 2018, Greyscalegorilla announced Light Kit Pro 3. The plugin is available now, either new or as an upgrade for existing Light Kit Pro 1 or Light Kit Pro 2 users. Grab the fastest selling GSG plugin ever, today!

Looking for advanced Cinema 4D R20 training? Check out the Greyscalegorilla Guide to Cinema 4D R20.

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